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You and your classmates are going to write a report for a magazine about ENDANGERED ANIMALS. As part of their educational campaign, each group in this class will publish an article for the magazine about a specific endangered animal. Magazines will be distributed in an effort to educate the public.

Project Outline

  1. Appearance (size, coloring, etc.).
  2. Habitat and home facts (country, type of land or water, nest, caves, etc.)
  3. Food (what type, how it gets food)
  4. Life cycle special adaptations (features that make it possible for it to survive in its habitat)
  5. Curiosities (the fastest / the biggest animal, etc.)
  6. Why it is an endangered animal
  7. What is being done or can be done to preserve it


EDITOR (leader): You will be in charge of selecting the information
that will be included in the article. When the first
draft of the article is finished, you will have to
monitor its style and language.

DESIGNER: You will design the article layout and include
suitable photographs, graphics and visual aids.
You will also be in charge of the poster layout for
the oral presentation.

WRITER: You have to write the main article for the magazine
including the required information.