Starter Unit

  • Vocabulary: Collocations
  • Grammar: Present simple vs. Present continuous / Past Simple
Quantifiers (much, many, some / any...) & Comparatives and superlatives

Unit 1: "One image is worth one thousand words"

  • Vocabulary: Adjectives for describing photos or ads (striking, moving, colourful...)
Verbs expressing feelings (smile, laugh, frown...)
  • Grammar: Past Simple vs. Past Continuous

Unit 2: My Biography

  • Vocabulary
Adjectives: antonyms with negative prefixes (in-, un-,dis)
British and American English
  • Grammar:Present Perfect / yet, already, ever, just, since, for.

Unit 3: Health and Endurance

Unit 4: Money

  • Vocabulary:
Verbs connected with money
  • Grammar:
The Future (will / going to/ present continuous / present simple
  • Reading: The Berlin Wall
  • Listening: Dealing with money

Unit 5: Music_pink.jpg

Music Vocabulary Musical_head.jpg
Grammar: The Passive Voice


Tenses revision

Present Simple / Present Continuous
English Alive 4
Digital Resources (Educarex)
Oxford_4skills_3-4ESO.pdf Details

Oral exams

-Oral Presentation: My Universe: family and friends, my school , my hometown and hobbies
-Oral Presentation: Cutting Edge (Innovation)
-Survival English roleplays / Interview