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You will take you on an exploration of countries, cultures, and people from around the world. This learning adventure will lead you to an understanding of how people from other places are just like you and how they are different.

Your group will be assigned one of the five continents and countries and discover where in the world it is located, identify the national flag, the currency, and the population and take an Internet "trip" to explore the culture of the people.

The Task

Your group will create a digital presentation ( powerpoint or similar) using all the information that you have accumulated throughout your Internet "trip," and prepare an oral presentation describing your discoveries of your countries, comparing them to Spain in some aspects.

The Process
These are the steps that you will take to make this project a successful activity:

A. Find the following information using the resources you’ll find at the end of this page, in magazines, in books, in the net, and with the help of your teacher. Don’t forget to copy the sources.

1. Locate your countries on a world map using cardinal points (N, S, W, and E).
2. Find the flag of your countries.
3. Find the languages of your countries and give some examples of vocabulary with their translations in English and Spanish.
4. Main geographical features of your countries.
5. Most important monuments.
6. Main cities or capitals in your countries.
7. Political system of your countries.
8. Currencies of your countries and the equivalence in Euros.
9. Information about the area, the population and the density of your countries. You must compare them to Spain.
10. Information about the income per capita of each country comparing them to Spain.
11. Photos of the most typical food and festivities of your countries.
12. Bibliography used.

B. Organize the material you have gathered into a useful form and in an easy way to be understood. Create a power point presentation with 12 or more slides including all the information and pictures, graphics or maps you need.

C. Each group will present their projects to the rest of the class.


You will be evaluated according to the different aspects explained in the rubric your teacher is going to give you.


Now you have finished, you have a better understanding of different people and countries around the world. You have learned about the people, languages, currency, and other aspects of the countries you explored during this project. You have also created a digital presentation to share information about your countries with the class. You have just taken a trip to your countries on the Internet:

Would you like to visit your country "for real" someday?



- General information of the different countries

Explore countries with National Geography

- Information about the countries and maps

Info about countries and maps


- Festivities Around the World

Festivities around the world

Festivities and celebrations around the world

- Food

Typical food and traditional meals

Food traditions

- Currencies around the world



Currency around the world

- Area and population of countries

Area and population

- Density of population

Density of countries around the world