Orientaciones generales para hablar en público

A Presentation on a freely chosen topic

This activity will consist of giving a talk to the class on one of the themes below.

  • Time: 15 minutes

  • Participants: individual or in pairs.


  • Ancient civilizations (Egypt, Greece, Rome, the Celts, the Vikings, etc.)

  • Cities in the world.

  • Famous people who have made an important contribution to society (eg.: they fought for human rights, made an invention, beat a record,...etc.)

  • Benefits of ecological farming

  • Healthy diet

  • Miracle foods

  • My hobby

  • Music (styles, a favourite singer, types of dances, dances in the world, your favourite musical instrument, favourite composer or musician, etc.)

  • Risks of plastic surgery

  • Sports (favourite sport or sport star)

  • The cinema (film review, history of the cinema, favourite actor/ actress or director)

  • Social networks: pros and cons

  • Internet security

  • Trends 2017 (fashion, films, books, music, etc.)

  • Unsolved mysteries (Atlantis, Bermuda Triangle, Easter Island, Crop Circles, Nazca Lines, The Mary Celeste, ...)

  • Volunteering or a charity you know well.

Exposition structure

Greeting and explain what you are going to talk about
1. Introduction
1. Bio
2. Arguments / Evolution/ History
2. Career & Achievements
3. Conclusions and Personal opinion
3. Influence & Curiosities
4. References / Sources
5. Activity related to your exposition in paper or using an ICT tool
Say" thanks" to your audience

Tools for the final activity:


Tip.jpgYou should also enrich your presentation with some multimedia: video, audio, tutorial...


1. Healthy Diet

-Guidelines for a healthy diet from the Heart Foundation
-Health Tips for a Healthy Living
-The eatwell plate
-Diseases caused by unhealthy diets
-Energy drinks, vitamin supplements

2. Benefits of Ecological Farming

3. Cinema

Famous actors/ actresses' Bio
Film History
Film review

4. Inventions that changed our world

Famous Inventors
Inventions (alphabetically ordered)

5. Plastic Surgery

Pros and cons

6. Unsolved Mysteries

Powered by emaze

7. Social Networks: Pros and Cons
Pros and Cons article

8. Internet Security

Cybercrime definition
Ten Tips for Internet Security
Tips for teenagers

9. Volunteering

The Nomad Magazine

How to make a successful PowerPoint


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