Levels: 3rd-4th ESO


Imagine you are going abroad and the only language that you can use is English. Are you able to manage with all these ordinary situations in English? Well, we will see.


In groups of four or five members, you will have to work on one of these topics you will find below following these easy steps:

  • Prepare a short presentation with the most relevant vocabulary regarding to the topic you have been assigned and explain it in class. Use pictures or photos. Be creative!

  • Perform a short dialogue

  • Prepare a comprehension exercise related to the project you have prepared in order that your classmates can do it after your performance.

You will find all the material you need in the following websites:

1- At the airport

Buying an airline-ticket
English airport

2- At the hotel

Hotel English

3- In a restaurant

English Restaurant

4- Go shopping

Going shopping

5- Giving and following directions

Giving directions I
Giving directions-travelling on foot or by car
Giving directions III- Travelling by bus or subway


Going to the bank

7- Doctor

A visit to the doctor

8- Going to the post-office

Going to the post office

9- Police report

-Police report roleplay

-Writing a police report